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No two students are alike in their learning styles, and my educational ethos is deeply rooted in the Socratic method to meet individual needs. I embrace all the latest technologies and, like everyone else in our modern society, I can not live without them. That said, when it comes to the essential tools of education, I am classic old school! I emphasise critical thinking, problem solving and independent study techniques. As a life long learner myself, I educate my students in the Art of Learning — for life!

My ethos is straightforward: every student is unique, requiring an individual approach to learning.

Hello all, I'm Steve Russell. I love education and being an educator, not just a teacher — it is as simple as that.

I am centrally located in the Marbella area of Spain's Costa del Sol, and I tutor GCSE/A-level/IB and AP Maths, Business Studies, Economics, Academic Writing, General Science and ICT.

I am a lifelong learner, empowered with tools to acquire and assimilate knowledge in myriad subjects. I do not drill students to memorise facts, which are forgotten right after an exam. I educate students in critical thinking and problem solving, giving them these same tools to become successful lifelong learners.

I guide my students in their selection of the correct university for their chosen field of study. I prepare them for the UK, and the US GED and SAT, exams. When allowed under a university's admissions policy, I will contact admissions officers to discuss a student's potential. I work with students and parents in university applications, financial planning and scholarship resources.

My students are dedicated and serious; they are those who wish to achieve their greatest potential. They have their sights set on admission to the world's great universities, together with the full support of their parents in this endeavour.

MBA, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

BA, (Honors) Mathematics and Statistics, University of California at Santa Cruz

— Mathematics GRE: 99th percentile

BA, (Honors) Economics, University of California at Santa Cruz

International Baccalaureate Certifications:

IB DP; ITGS SL/HL/EE; Mathematics HL; Examiner, ITGS

Four years' experience teaching in the International Baccalaureate and English National curricula.

40-years' experience, as owner and mentor, in entrepreneurial private enterprise.

24 years' legal residency in Spain with full working permission.

Spanish Ministry of Justice Penal History: Certified clean and free of any incident.

"… Steve demonstrated his skills in a number of areas: advising on Higher Education opportunities in United States universities; his warm yet professional relationship with kids in pastoral lessons; his collegiality with staff; and his generous help in the extra-curricular life of the school.

It is worth noting that he seemed adept at ‘reaching’ difficult kids and those whose learning difficulties prevented their accessing the curriculum. With students, Steve was the teacher who was always available to help with Maths and other homework in his free time.

Steve brings the ability to build and restore damaged self-confidence, to deal with a variety of academic subjects in Mathematics, Business and Economics, the Arts and Sciences and, to engage a student’s interest. His natural sociability has made him a popular colleague; and his relationships with students from a wide range of secondary level classes are a model of how students and teachers should get on together outside the classroom."

          — John Foulkes-Jones, Head Teacher (former), Laude San Pedro International College

"… Steven developed a wide range of very effective teaching techniques, which have proved to impact very positively on both the students' behavior and academic achievement. Furthermore, Steven has been an asset to the school in the sense that he is much more than just an excellent teacher; he has a very wide experience of the business and corporate world, and boasts more further education qualifications than most teachers I have met throughout my career."

          — Charles Marchand, Head of Secondary, Laude San Pedro International College

"… I know that Steve has not undergone an official teacher-training course, but I would say that he is the sort of person who really does not need to. Despite spending a large amount of his career in industry, he is a natural in the classroom, and the students here have benefited greatly from his teaching. He is a hugely motivated and energetic educator who clearly has the best interests of his students at heart. He imparts knowledge with enthusiasm and charisma, he motivates and encourages those in his charge, and he is extremely well liked by the students right the way through the school. I have no reservations in recommending Steve to you as an excellent teacher."

          — Paul Teale, Head of Maths and ICT, Laude San Pedro International College

"… Steve was an active teacher within our learning centre, with a broad set of qualifications up to and including British National Curriculum A-levels and International Baccalaureate DP in: Mathematics; Business Studies and Economics; ICT; and English as applied to these subjects.

Steve took on every tutoring assignment with enthusiasm, patience, and care for the student. Amongst his more challenging students were those whose first language was not English and those who suffered from emotional and learning disabilities. I can highly recommend Steve for any position, and for his thorough approach to critical thinking and learning."

          — Patricia Navarro, Los Naranjos Centro de Estudios

"Steve came into our lives at a much-needed time, when our daughter had decided that she would like to go to university in the USA. He tutored her through her GED.

Steve immediately saw the areas where she lacked confidence and helped her to realize her potential. Our daughter achieved outstanding results, and we are convinced this never would have happened without his amazing guidance, patience, and knowledge.

We would thoroughly recommend Steve as an amazing tutor and we will be forever indebted to him."

          — Ran and Laurie, parents, Marbella

"Super Star! With all respect to you, my son improved his SAT score by 150 points. This gave him the boost needed for acceptance at his first choice university in America with a $70,000 tennis scholarship, without which I could not afford to pay his four years of tuition.

My son can now live his dream, thanks to you! I highly recommend you to any parents who want the best for their children."

          — Laura, mum, Sotogrande

"Steve, you are a genius! My son hasn't stopped talking about you since you started lessons with him. You are the first teacher in my son's 18 years who has been able to reach him and help him with his dyslexia. We were ready to give up! Thanks to you, and only because of you, my son made it through mathematics, and his other courses, received his high school diploma and is now on his way! Great news! You have my highest praise."

          — Sonia, mum, Elviria

"In this letter I want to thank Mr. Steven Russell for helping my son in getting accepted at a university in the United States of America. Due to his guidance, his knowledge of the American teaching system and his kindness, my son has been able to come up with an outstanding application for his desired university that would have not been possible without all his help. I hope this letter can transmit all the gratitude we feel towards him."

          — José Antonio, father, Estepona

"For the first time in my life, I passed a Maths exam. And, I ROCKED my GEDs! Thank you, thank you!"

          — BT (18), student, Marbella

"Steve, I could not have done this on my own. With your help, I improved my SAT score significantly. More than that, with your guidance you helped me understand the American university admissions system and how important it is to select the right school. Santa Monica College in Los Angeles has accepted me and if all goes according to plan, I will transfer to UCLA in two years to complete my business degree. You get my vote as the best!

P.S. You helped my younger sister with her Year 7 maths, too! She had fun, learned a lot, and sends her thanks."

          — IR (19), student, Los Monteros

"Mr. Russell, I have been afraid of mathematics all my life. Now, because of you, I am finally beginning to understand."

          — AP (18), student, Marbella

"Sir, you're not like my other teachers at school. There's something funny going on in my head. I don't know what you are doing, but I'm actually learning stuff!"

          — TM (13), student, San Pedro de Alcántara