All sessions are two hours in duration, 150€ (75€ per hour), paid on the day.

  • One-off "Tune Up" Sessions are available as scheduling permits.
  • 10% discount for booked, prepaid, long-term engagements in 20-session blocks.
  • There is a charge against the account for missed sessions, and/or late cancellations.
  • There is no charge for reasonable outside time in researching universities for the student or brief teleconferences with admissions officers.

Parents are responsible for providing student workbooks and their normal school textbooks. A WiFi enabled laptop is essential for University Admissions and Academic Counselling Sessions. SAT and GED books, below, are required.

The SAT and GED examinations are different in Europe than in the USA. These two courses require specific books — available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.es — respectively:

  • SAT Prep-1: College Board, The Official SAT Guide (2016 Edition), ISBN 978-1457304309
  • SAT Prep-2: Erica Meltzer, SAT Reading (3rd Edition), ISBN 978-0997517873
  • SAT Prep-3: Erica Meltzer, SAT Grammar (4th Edition), ISBN 978-0997517866
  • GED Prep: Barron's 15th Edition, ISBN 978-0764144639


Before engagement, I meet with the student and parents for an interview to establish a common set of goals.

The student sits a brief diagnostic exam, for each subject taught, to assess the student's current level of ability and spot weaknesses for improvement. In the case of GED and SAT preparation, the student sits a full set of diagnostic exams to understand the current level of attainment and spot weaknesses for improvement.

Based on these assessments, I provide to parents and student an estimate of the time required. The student's interest and dedication to self-improvement in achieving these goals, both positive and negative, will affect the outcome. Therefore, the estimate is for general budgeting purposes and the amount of time required may change over the course of instruction. Parents and student must be willing and prepared to go the distance.

If all parties are agreed, we schedule sessions and get started!


My classroom is a mobile-free zone. Students, either leave your mobile phones at home; or be prepared to have them turned off, placed out of sight, out of hearing range, and out of reach. No exceptions!


Tutor Me This private lessons are booked in two-hour sessions. Three sessions are available on weekdays and three sessions available on weekends (by special arrangement.)

During the normal school year, September through June, Session 3 is reserved for after-school students. As exam times approach, extra sessions will be added to meet demand on a reserved, prepaid, basis.

Fees & Process

Private tuition by Tutor Me This is conducted in a library office environment, centrally located in the Marbella area, on Spain's Costa del Sol. For those familiar, we are in Urb. Puerto del Almendro, known locally as "Los Almendros", just a few minutes above San Pedro de Alcántara on the Ronda Road. The facility is equipped with WiFi, a state-of-the art computer and projection system, and all resources required for my programmes of instruction.

Within the library, students benefit from access to numerous past papers and mark schemes from every major US and UK examination board. In certain cases, supplementary materials for specific requirements are to be purchased by parents and are readily available on Amazon.

Hours of instruction